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About Us

Located in Birmingham, Eco Mobile Valeting provides you with the best environmentally friendly mobile car wash service available. Having been in the mobile valet service industry for quite some time we have come to recognise the best ways to give your car the showroom makeover it deserves. The mobile valet service we provide requires you to sit back and relax while we do the work for you. With a wide range of mobile valet services available (Platinum) you can choose whichever suits you best and leave the rest to us.

We care for our planet as much as we do for our customers, so our main aim is to provide you with not only the best mobile valet service possible but to make sure the service is the best eco friendly one too.

Our products are of the highest quality and safest to the environment.

Do your bit for the planet... choose Eco Mobile Valeting Services today.

Membership Advantages
SAVE TIME, Life is busy enough. Let us clean your car professionally so you can get on with your day.
SAVE MONEY, Keep it clean for few pounds and never drive a dirty car again.
SAVE WATER, Do your part, our car cleaning process use an average of one (1) gallon or less water per car.

Why Choose Eco Mobile Valeting

  • We come to you; Home or Office
  • We clean with steam
  • No run-off water
  • Our method sterilizes and deodorizes your car without chemicals
  • We clean hard to reach nooks and crannies efficiently
  • Our method of car cleaning is scratch-proof
  • We are fully insured
Eco Mobile Valeting Services is subsidiary of Deekemy Group UK Ltd
Address: 33 Perry Avenue, Birmingham, B42 2NA
Tel: 0750 427 9973, Landline: 0121 681 1509
E-Mail: info@ecomobilevaleting.co.uk