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Become a Service Provider Partner (SPP) with Eco Mobile Valeting.

Do you have enthusiasm, determination and ambition? If you would like the flexibility of being self employed, with the support of well established company, choosing to become a Service Provider Partner (SPP) with Eco Mobile Valeting offers the perfect partnership. We know what it takes to succeed as a member of Eco Mobile Valeting and we will provide support throughout the process/membership, the rest is up to you.

Some Benefits of being a Service Provider Partner (SPP) with Eco Mobile Valeting includes:

  • Low cost entry
  • Full/continuous training
  • Pay yourself
  • Full independence (own boss)

What we require

  1. Financial capability: you should be able to pay for the setting up of the business ( your business)
  2. Registration as self employed.
  3. Standard UK driver's license.
  4. All the required insurance: public liability cover, employer's liability cover.

Procedure to becoming a Service Provider Partner (SPP)

Fill out our online request form. One of our sales team specialists will contact you for pre-enrolment procedures. If after the discussion, it is determined that you qualify to become a member, you will be required to pay £250.00 plus VAT for the membership agreement form and the full list of all the equipment / products including the cost and the yearly subscription fee will be provided. A meeting will be schedule with you for a more detail talk about the business. If it is agreed that you proceed to become a member, the membership agreement form will be filled and sign, then your training commences with the procurement of the equipment / products for about two weeks, by the third week you should already become your own boss earning money for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Service Provider Partner (SPP)?
A Service Provider Partner (SPP) is a self employed service provider working for him/herself under the brand/trade name of Eco Mobile Valeting.

What Can You Earn?
This is entirely dependent on you and how many days a week you choose to work. You do not need a financial analyst to tell you that there is a lot of money to be made cleaning cars. It's a service that is always in demand and that most consumers are certainly willing to pay for.

Can You Be Guaranteed Regular Work?
While no one can predict the future with accuracy, what we can say is that current trends certainly favour our modus oprandi. People today have less and less time to spend on errands such as getting to the car wash garages to have their car(s) clean properly. People are buying more expensive vehicles, and they're keeping them longer and want to maintain them in good condition, this is where your service is highly needed. Our method cares for the environment.

What Type of Van and equipments Do You Need?
You will need a Vauxall combo size of van and a car steam machine (just a hint) we will provide the full list of what you need when you come to that stage.

Is There Any Cost Involved In Becoming A Service Provider Partner?
As a Service Provider Partner (SPP) you will be responsible for all the cost involved in setting yourself up and the yearly subscription fees. Some of these includes but not limited to getting a van, car steam machine, insurance etc, full details when you come to the stage.

Will You Be Trained?
Yes. You will be trained on how to professionally clean a car with a car steam machine, how to succeed in business, safety and security consciousness training.

How Do You Become A Service Provider Partner?
Check out the Procedure to becoming a Service Provider Partner (SPP)

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Why Choose Eco Mobile Valeting

  • We come to you; Home or Office
  • We clean with steam
  • No run-off water
  • Our method sterilizes and deodorizes your car without chemicals
  • We clean hard to reach nooks and crannies efficiently
  • Our method of car cleaning is scratch-proof
  • We are fully insured
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